lesson # 1 

I can’t help but to think of the past 10yrs.. many says “move on!”,”dami jan iba!”, and some says “ganyan tlga ang buhay kahnhurl” but I just can’t.. FOR NOW. But time will come that I will, and I know it will take time before I can truly say that “I’ve moved on!” and that “I already found someone” and that I can say “charge it to experience!”.

One lesson I’ve learned is that we should keep our identity, our uniqueness as an individual. No matter how much we love someone, we should keep who we are in a relationship. In my case, I did the opposite.. I’ve embraced so much of him that it came to the point where we no longer have differences as a couple.. Similarities are good but differences should’nt be taken for granted, sabi nga nila “Opposite attracts”. I’ve embraced so much of him that I am now “lost and empty”.. even the songs on my playlist are soooo “him”, even the clothes on my cabinet is still “him”, the way I look at things is also “him”. In a relationship we should keep our identity, our uniqueness, after all relationship is composed of two different individuals, that has similar goals, one of them is to compromise those differences to make a happy healthy relationship..

My goal, aside of moving on is to find kahnhurl. I know and I can sense it that I’ll have a hard time but its possible.. I need to find who I was 10yrs ago and I’ll start from there.. and I need to know where do I want to go,  as well as the steps on making it into a reality.

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